Dr. Beree Darby Psychologist and Psychoneuroloimmunologist

Quotes from Workshop Attendees

"I was very impressed with the scientific research Dr. Darby conducted showing hypnosis improves the immune system response!"

"The most valuable part of this workshop was learning about the amazing research studies and the whole idea of being able to empower ourselves!"

“I enjoyed the hypnosis training, information from case studies - all was incredibly interesting!”

“The best workshop I’ve ever attended.”

“This information and the skills I learned have changed my overall attitude and performance.”

“I have been able to incorporate what I learned into my everyday life!”

“Excellent workshop—everyone should take this course.”

"Dr. Darby is amazing - any classes she conducts would be of great value to everyone!"

"It was super!"

"Excellent delivery - she gave critical informaiton and techniques to obtain optimal performance!"

"Presentation was wonderful - I can apply all that I learned in this workshop!"

"I learned how to use hypnosis in conjunction with the power of expectation to improve my everyday life!"

"Presentation was fantastic - I can apply all that I learned!"

"Absoulutly wonderful!"